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2014 DogRidge All-Rounder Grenache

2014 DogRidge All-Rounder Grenache

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DogRidge is a small, family-owned venture that started when our first vineyard was purchased in 1992.  They now produce a range of boutique wines that are an expression of our vineyards, true to local character and terroir.

DogRidge is the name of an old-fashioned vine rootstock and strangely it caught their imagination.  Given the main house is on a ridge overlooking the vineyards, and they are besotted with curly haired – four-legged friends, you can figure it out.


Aroma  : Blueberries, black cherries, red and black currants, blackberries and red raisins with some spices.  


Palate : The palate is filled with explosive juicy fruit and light silken tannins.


Food Pairing : Dry, full and well-balanced. The acidity is quite high but nicely hidden under the fruit taste.



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