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2015 Lemberger Blauer Stein

2015 Lemberger Blauer Stein

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"Blue Stone", as the Muschelkalk in Lembergerland is called, is an idiosyncratic, very persistent character. If you want to work on this stone, you have to get involved with it. Our old Lemberger sticks love this challenge. Up to 30 meters deep, the roots penetrate through the Crevices before, to get to water and valuable minerals. In addition, the "blue stones" as dry stone support ours  Weinbergterrassen and create a unique cultural landscape. Muschelkalk and Lemberger - two strong personalities among the Hands of our Wengers and the craftsmanship of our cellar master are woven into a powerful unity.


Serving temperature 18 ° C. 
The Lemberger "Blauer Stein" has a strong character and searches on the plate for an equal partner. He has found this especially in the native game. Combine this wine with wild boar back and mushroom ravioli and enjoyment is guaranteed.


Like pearls on a chain, unique cultural landscapes and historical village pictures of the Enz line up through the Lembergerland. The steepest terraced vineyards, mostly planted with Lemberger, have shaped the country and its people for more than 1000 years.What looks like sweaty work for our more than 300 Wengerter is full of zest for life.  Best to drink after 2025.


This wine blend well with red meats such as Beef and Veal.



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