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L'Intendant Wine Shop In BORDEAUX

The best of Bordeaux in a spectacular tower, 1 metres high. It have a varieties of rare wine collection and it is a place worth to visit. This was a wonderful place to buy wines!   When you walk in, you see this beautiful spiral staircase.  There is a sheer number of wines located around the walls - all the way up 5 stories! Some good Bordeaux wines for a good price. You need to do some home work.

I can honestly say that when in Bordeaux again I will definitely go back here to find good wines.  Also, if you don't know what your looking for - ask.  The staff was very friendly and always wiling to help with your selection.  Don't be intimidated by the prices of some of the wines.  They do have many of the first growths, but they also have some of the other growths at very affordable prices.

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