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Becksteiner Winzer Vineyard


Our winemaker families are at work with their hearts. The wealth of experience, passed on from generation to generation, and their craftsmanship form the basis for the production of high-quality grapes.

The Becksteiner Winzer eG is the third oldest winegrowing cooperative in Baden. It was founded in 1894 by Pastor Dr. Heinrich Hansjakob and 18 Becksteiner winegrowers founded and today unites 354 members from 21 surrounding wine villages; the vineyard is 276 hectares.

08/31/1894 Founding of the winegrower association Beckstein

1904/1905 New cellar construction - 1st construction phase St. Kilian Keller

1956 Creation of the 1st bottle cellar with bottling

1960 - 1963 2nd cellar construction

1965/1966 Construction of the Becksteiner wine grower cellars

1969/1970 2nd. construction with construction of wine cellar and grape reception

1976/1977 3rd. construction project - extension of administration building

1988 4th. Construction measure - attachment loading

2014 Vinothek, St. Kilian cellar and WinzerStube become the Becksteiner WeinWelt expanded.

Beckstein winegrowers the third oldest wine cooperative in Baden. It was founded on August 31, 1894 by 18 Becksteiner winemakers. Meanwhile, we count 354 members from around 20 surrounding wine villages. However, our headquarters are still in the heart of the tranquil wine village.

Here you will find our "Becksteiner WeinWelt" with the atmospheric St. Kilian cellar, the WinzerStube and our wine shop.

The modern vinotheque for shopping, tasting and enjoying - with small culinary treats we have been open since July 2014.

The winegrowing area along the Romantic Road and the Tauber is really worth the trip. Here you can enjoy landscapes and wines with all your senses. Currently we farm 275 hectares of vineyards.

Thus, on average, each vintner receives around one hectare of vineyard. This means that our growers are very familiar with the location of the vines and can focus 100 percent on their respective grape variety and their properties. Like vineyards, this knowledge and experience has been handed down from generation to generation.

Vineyards and terroir (soil condition)

Viticulture has been deeply rooted in the Tauber Valley for centuries; Certificates on donations from vineyards from the years 803 and 817 prove this. No wonder, after all, our sun-drenched south and south-west slopes, the cool nights and mineral-rich shell limestone soils are ideal conditions for good wine. Experienced winemakers and cellar masters, who are passionately committed to the matter, ensure that Beckstein wines are produced with top quality.

Tauberfranken is the northernmost area of ​​the wine-growing region of Baden. In the history Tauberfranken was part of Franconia. That's why we are allowed to bottle wines in the Urfränkische Bocksbeutel. Our assortment includes typically Franconian, Baden and Tauber Franconian grape varieties such as Müller-Thurgau, etc., but also other varieties such as black Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Thus, we have a similar variety structure as the Champange in France. Our most important single layers are the Becksteiner Kirchberg, the Gerlachsheimer Herrenberg, the Marbacher Frankenberg and the Dittwarer Ölkuchen. Among other things, the grapes for our premium wine brand KILIAN grow here.

In addition to the location and the passion of our winemakers, the climate also plays a crucial role in the quality of our wines. Trauberfranken benefits from many hours of sunshine during the day and cool nights. Add to that the usually mild and rather dry autumn months. This allows the grapes to ripen on the vines for a long time, but retain their pleasant acidity. This gives our wines distinct and fresh fruit flavors and a complex bouquet. Our shell limestone floors store the warmth of the sun and pass it on to the vines in the cool evening hours. They are also rich in minerals, which gives the wines a distinctive character. That's why we can proudly describe our extensive range with one sentence:

This is how Tauberfranken tastes.

The result is unmistakable, aromatic wines of excellent quality. Selected drops that perfectly reflect our growing region in the heart between Franconia, Württemberg and Baden.

In the basement

Quality arises in the vineyard through months of full-time care for the vine. After the harvest but waiting for the winemaker much work in the basement.

Because the wine needs constant care and its professional development the constant readiness for innovation. Our winemakers set all their ambition to meet the highest quality standards.Well-trained, highly motivated and supported by state-of-the-art cellar technology, they optimize the vintages to produce top-quality wines with an unmistakable character.

White wine

Since white wine has less tannins and is therefore more sensitive than red wine, we rely on cold fermentation to win, preserve and strengthen the grape-typical primary aromas. Our high-class white wines are aged in small barrels of oak (barriques). Filigree fruit flavors are the goal of all our activities.

Red wines

Unlike white wines, we prefer mash heating to the fruity red wines, which are semi-dry, sweet and partly dry, and are always dosed to preserve the aromas and scent of the wines. For our top-quality red wines, which are only dry-aged and partially aged in barrique barrels, we rely on mash fermentation. Our top red wines include late harvest of Schwarzriesling and Pinot Noir.

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